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Why Home8

Home8 Interactive Alarm Service Saves You Thousands

Why trust a stranger to protect your home? Our collaborative protection system makes it easy for family, caregivers, neighbors, and you in protecting your home to achieve superior, more immediate home security, safety, smart care, and surveillance.

About Home8 by Mivatek

Home8 is a next-gen DIY-MIY mobile interactive video-verified alarm solution and service provider. Home8’s one-touch-to-police, in-view-calling, event-video-reporting, and video collaboration via Smartphone solutions can cut down casualty and property losses, reduce false alarms, and increase burglary arrest rate. Home8’s double-firewall video privacy protection is one of the most robust features, and the patented mobile-cloud zero-pairing-setup enables installation in mere minutes. Home8 offers one-stop-shop of 30+ smart devices for interactive security, safety, video, health-care, and automation control in one mobile-App to protect home, business, and the loved ones. The one-touch-to-caregiver alarm feature helps elders with better independent living, integrity of life, and ultimate peace of mind. The one-touch-to-record feature can be used for any real-time video monitoring, event recording, archiving, and video collaboration in classrooms, courtrooms, ERs, and enterprise applications. Home8’s self-monitoring verified alarm service is free to the system owner.

Medication Adherence Ultra-Secure Starter Kitmedication-adherence-starter-kit

Medication Adherence is critically important to healthy outcomes. Unlike other dispensers that require the caregiver to be onsite to ensure usage, our Wi-Fi dispenser helps caregivers with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients keep medication intake on track, boosting their dignity, independence, and quality of life.

The Wi-Fi Automatic Medication Dispenser has 28 medication cartridges and lets you use our smartphone APP to schedule up to 6 doses per day. It features a lockable, tamper-proof housing and dispenses medication only at the programmed times, reducing the risk of overdose and abuse. It also lets you know when it’s time to take your medication with an audible alert, and sends a notification to you and your authorized users if a dose is missed. The included Twist HD cam can detect and capture if anyone uses the dispenser and help verify when medication is taken. The camera can also help to see how the patient is doing in real-time.

Elder Care Ultra-Secure Starter Kitelder-care-starter-kit

Seeing is believing. Trust, but verify. Help your loved ones live independently, with dignity and improved quality of life.

This kit includes two activity tracking sensors that log daily activities, a Twist HD camera that gives you a 360-degree, motor-driven panoramic view and two-way audio; and a panic button in case of emergencies.

Medication Tracking Ultra-Secure Starter Kitmedication-tracking-starter-kit

It’s easy to forget when you’ve taken your pills, whether they’re vitamins, supplements, or medication. This kit helps you or a loved one see when you’ve taken your meds.

An affordable solution for helping you or a loved one track your medication intake. You can program up to 6 doses schedule in our APP, it sends a notification to you and authorized users when a dose is ready or missed. The included Twist HD cam can help verify when medication is taken and the patient’s health condition.