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Axeze Blue™, world-first hands-free, keyless entry system launches at Digital Lifestyle Show, Melbourne

Article from NewsMaker.com.au

Adelaide-based Australian access control and security technology innovator Axeze will launch Axeze Blue™ at the Digital Lifestyle Show, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, October 30-November 1 (Stand D66).

The patent-pending system turns any Bluetooth device into a key, eliminating the need to hunt for keys – simply walk or drive up and the door or gate opens. The device is typically managed from a mobile phone but any Bluetooth-enabled device can be used, says Axeze CEO Shelley Elder.

“Who hasn’t wasted time and energy looking for their keys?” Ms Elder asks. “With Axeze Blue™ all you need when you leave or enter your house is your phone. In fact you can use the same phone to access all your doors and gates – at the office, at home, at your holiday home or your parents’ house. It just dramatically reduces the stress of managing keys.

“You can even use the service to manage other products in the home with Bluetooth, giving you full home automation from your phone.”

Axeze Blue™ requires no software installation, you can add an electronic lock and register up to 20 Bluetooth-enabled devices. The lock and phone can be hidden, and 128 bit encryption adds the highest level of security.

“Now you don’t need to risk leaving a key under the mat or making multiple keys, you can simply assign temporary Axeze Blue™ access to your visitor’s mobile.”

Here’s how it works: Connect Axeze Blue™ to your electronic door lock, gate, alarm system or garage. Pair your phone or other device with Axeze Blue™ using your PIN.  You can set the range up to 10 metres to trigger the door, gate, or garage to unlock on approach but Axeze recommends additional security by using a PIN on your phone as you are ready to enter the premises.

“With Axeze Blue™, your mobile becomes a single electronic key for your house, garage, gate and alarm system,” says Ms Elder.  “Your front door unlocks as you walk up, and the alarm system disarms. There’s no need to press buttons or turn keys. You can drive up and your Bluetooth car kit uses Axeze Blue to open the gate or garage door. Axeze Blue is powered by ECKey.”

For businesses, Axeze Blue™ can be used standalone or with a centralised access control system managed at the lock. There are no cards to administer, no keys to manage, all you have to do is register each employee’s phone. Larger companies can integrate the Axeze Access Control system using their Wiegand tags, Axeze proprietary tags, smart cards or fingerprint readers, or Axeze can design a customised interface.

“The system is useful for clubs and gyms as there are no keys or tags to distribute or manage,” Ms Elder added.  “People rarely lose their phones and there is no cost involved in replacing or issuing keys, or tags.

“The software allows you to manage access rights centrally but distribute them wirelessly and remotely. It can provide access rights for a specific phone for a specific lock for a defined period.”


  • No visible item for vandals to attack
  • Invisible to sniffing or replay
  • 128 bit encryption
  • No cards or fobs to distribute or return
  • Configurable range from 0.5 metres to up to 10 metres
  • Passive or active entry
  • Works on all Bluetooth devices including mobile, iPhone, PDA, headsets, car kits
  • No software to install on the phone
  • Drive up authentication
  • Standalone or integrated into Access Control systems

About Bluetooth

Bluetooth is the ideal technology for a mobile phone locking solution because it is a global standard that has high adoption rates and low battery use. There are no usage charges and it provides location based services (1-100 meters), enables one key for .many locks (unlike most tags) or enables many keys for one lock.

About Axeze – Protecting your lifestyle

Protect your identity, property and data with Axeze. Axeze is the Australian leader in high-tech identification systems, including facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, Bluetooth and radio frequency identification (RFID) systems. Using Axeze products, you can control access to your computer, home, business, plant or equipment.

The following products will be on display at the Digital Lifestyle Show:

  • Axeze Blue™ is a patent-pending solution that uses Bluetooth to turn your mobile into a key for all your doors.
  • FaceID™ is a complete facial recognition system for access control, time and attendance tracking.
  • Computer Log uses state-of-the-art biometrics to protect access to all your data.
  • Easy Password Creator creates and remembers unique passwords, making your life easier!
  • No more searching for keys, passwords, and roster sheets – Axeze puts ID control at your fingerprints.

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About ECKey

ECKey Corporation www.eckey.com is the market leader in the field of Bluetooth design and development that enables any Bluetooth enabled device to act as a secure key to unlock your car, house, garage door, office, alarms, or access control system. ECKey’s intellectual property is the software and electronics within the EK product series that is installed with an electronic lock.

The company was founded in 2005. Dr Nick Willis, Director and CEO, identified a growing need for divergent innovative mobile applications for the ever present mobile phone. With a strong commitment to research and development, ECKey is working to expand the potential for solutions in electronic security markets. ECKey is selling its products in over twenty different countries through the security industry and is in discussions to integrate this technology with several international companies.

ECKey was the Winner of ISC West 2009 “Best New Access Control Product”. ECKey was a Finalist in Access Control Product of the Year 2008 and 2009 at IFSEC UK.