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Axeze Introduce their Axeze Studio at Security 2012

Axeze Studio consists of several applications that administrates, maintains, manages and configures Axeze access control network products.

The Axeze Studio is divided into several databases utilising the very latest tools and technology available today.

  • KENCore Service is a Windows Service that handles all the communication with the access control network and software like Phoenix.
  • KENCore Agent Service is a Windows Service that monitors KENCore Service and ensures that it is always operating.
  • KENCore Manager – is a Windows Application that is a user interface (GUI) for the KENCore Service and KENCore Agent Service.
  • KENCfg – is the software that configures the reader and enables the user to retrieve the reader ID and version.
  • Phoenix– is a Web Application – User Interface that is used to administrate, maintain and manage the Axeze access control network.
  • Axeze Credential Manager – communicates with Axeze Controllers and sends the badged card code to Phoenix (or any other third party application
  • Axeze Database Management – Manages the KENCore and Phoenix databases.

Phoenix has been designed to offer you total control of access to your property for businesses and commercial purposes.  Phoenix is the main software application used /seen by the end user.

Due for release in late 2013 Axeze Studio will be sold either under a Licensing Model or a permanent purchase.  It’s all up to you.