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Axeze Credential Management Released

To complement the new Axeze KEP-USB reader is the release of the powerful Axeze Credential Management software. The Axeze KEP-M2 is the very latest in products to be released by Axeze. Each processor used in the Axeze KEP USB reader comes from the factory with a unique serial number. This makes every Axeze KEP USB Reader is traceable which is very important for government identity management projects.

The software enables computer users to identify a tag number which can be used in the manner the end user desires. It is used for configuring the Axeze KEP reader and to upgrade the reader firmware. Now we have developed specific for developers so that integrating with Axeze is now even easier.

The Axeze KEP Reader can have it’s own ID for security purposes, programming purposes, site management purposes, or other purpose as known by the user. You can configure the software to read the Credential Type. The type can be one of the following:

  • Read only Tags
  • Read/Write tags

There are three settings which are related to the HID keyboard which can be set to suit your needs using the Axeze Credential Management software.

  1. Suppress Reader ID. This means that when a tag is badged on the Axeze Reader that the Reader ID will be suppressed.
  2. Suppress Check byte. This means that when a tag is badge on the Axeze Reader that the Check byte will be suppressed
  3. Add ‘New Line’. This means that when the tag is badged on the Axeze reader that the cursor will move to the next line.

Depending on the Axeze KEP Reader model, one or more outputs can be supported.

  • USB HID Generic
  • USB HID Keyboard
  • USB CDC Virtual Com Port
  • On-board Serial Port (RS-232)

Clients can set the sequence and parameter values

  • You can change the sequence of how the information appears
  • You can set the parameter values if required
  • You can select the entered data you want to send.
  • You can set the length of the credential code you want to send.

Five Encryption modes can be set for all Axeze KEP-USB readers.

  • Electronic Code Book (ECB)
  • Cipher Book Chaining (CBC)
  • Cipher Feedback (CFB)
  • Output Feedback (OFB)
  • Counter (CTR)

Password Protection

A password can be set to protect the reader. The password is not lost when someone resets an Axeze KEP Reader to Factory Default.

If somebody tries to hijack the password, the Axeze KEP Reader has ability to lock down the reader.