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Axeze Releases Axeze Studio

Axeze is proud to announce that it is releasing its Web enabled Axeze Studio to the market. Our software is all developed in Australia said CEO Shelley Elder so it is great to see the end results and our products installed in a couple of big sites in Australia. We are grateful to those organisations that decided to stick with us, whilst we sorted out those “teething challenges” that come with any totally new software development.

With the introduction of this product Axeze can be managed from anywhere in the world using your Tablet, phone or laptop, with loads of built in security functions.

We looked at the issues we know that people face with access control and we were fortunate enough to attend a site where our product was installed, and the installer was having difficulties getting the system running. What a fantastic lesson this was for us, our engineer returned and immediately modified the software to make it easier to use. We have been around for 15 years now and this was our first time to see a live installation of our product. We cannot thank the installers enough for this valuable lesson and we hope to work with them again in the future.

The new Axeze Studio is the software the

  1. Axeze Studio uses SQL Server 2008 R2 or later versions.
  2. Events stored in DB, and offline events in Controllers retrieved periodically by KENCore.
  3. Important aspects of installing, maintaining, upgrading the databases during life of application is achieved using Axeze Database Management tool.
  4. Enables quick setup, easy operation and management of the system.
  5. Unlimited Networks / Controllers / Users.
  6. Manage with pc, tablet, phone – from anywhere in the world.

Axeze Studio can be installed on a single computer or server, or clients can have each part installed on separate servers according to the customer’s or organisation’s policy.

Axeze Studio is powerful web enabled software that is Password Protected. It consists of several applications that administrate, maintain, manage and configure Axeze access control Network.

  • KENCore o KENCore Service o KENCore Agent Service
  • Phoenix
  • Axeze Credential Manager
  • Axeze Database Manager

Designed to be easy to use for

  • Managers
  • Installers
  • Users

Designed to be easy to integrate by

  • Developers
  • Systems Integrators

KENCore is the brains of the system and it’s Manager where as Phoenix is the main software that an end user will use, and it works with the latest versions of IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

The KEN-OLW2 hardware is capable of supporting NFC, Mifare, RFID or any Wiegand output Reader, which can be managed by the Axeze studio. You can now have a site that has old redundant technology and combine this to provide the end user with the latest technology whilst not replacing every component of their existing hardware.

The studio is flexible in its reporting capabilities and you can access the program via your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

One of the most powerful aspects of this software is its ability to track who has been working on the software and what tasks they undertook; alternatively the system checks itself to ensure that everything is operational and reports on itself. Another feature that we all love is that the studio can broadcast the time and date either as scheduled or periodically to synchronise the Controllers with the Server.

We have considered Energy efficiency and build in Event Handlers – event source actions can provide almost any type of automation required. For every 8 floors of a lift an Axeze IO is required, and wireless capability is available.

Lift control enables programmers to define several buildings with variable floors. Each floor can have its own unique name and each lift can have its unique name.

You can define zones with configuration software i.e. soft zone/hard zone/timed/per controller. You can assign several Credentials to one person or a Group to make it easier to assign access control to controllers.

Enquiries from the system to find out what is access related to a Credential or a Person is easy and it is implemented on the Home page, or the first page of the software.

This powerful software supports automatic access control synchronisation so any changes or new access controls will be synchronised with the controllers automatically.

Phoenix uses SSL protocol for communications for the entire web application. Clients can use a phone, tablet, laptop or pc to access Phoenix.

This software has been fully tested and is fully functional with the major explorers on the market today, i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

The IO Controller communicates through 8 inputs and 8 isolated outputs and incorporates the standard normally open/normally closed/common with the KENCore through the :



Events are stored in the database and any offline events in the Controllers will be retrieved periodically by KENCore.

Axeze Studio uses SQL Server 2008R2 or later.

One of the most important parts of Axeze Studio is installing a new database, maintain and upgrade a database deny the lifetime of the application is achieved using Axeze Database Management, so end users/installer with less knowledge of SQL Server can quickly get the system up and running.

Setup installation will unpack all the tools required to establish the Axeze studio. KENCore setup will install the entire pre-required software fist then install itself.

It will create and configure the databases and have them up and running, then start KENCore Service and KENCore Agent Service automatically.

Phoenix setup will install the Phoenix web application and configure IIS to hose the Phoenix. It also allows the database connection strings.

KENCore Manager is a Windows application which allows installers to see which Controllers are online or which networks are operational. It’s a great tool when things are not running smoothly to work out what has occurred and to fix it. This can be done offline.

Axeze Studio makes it easy for a third party application to participate in the decision making through the database store procedures because KENCore always uses store procedures to access tables. A third party application can reload or duplicate data to its own tables and/or store procedures.

KENCore allows a specific port to communicate and run commands against Controllers.   Access control is the source of the trigger, others products react i.e. turn the camera, or send the alarm.

Axeze Studio provides all the benefits of SQ L Server 2008R2 and can generate events saving processing time and making things easier.

Tech Support is offered and clients can purchase one hours or a year’s supply of Tech Support. The very best aspect of Tech Support is this product is designed in Australia, for Australians, by Australians. Our core hardware products are also manufactured here, but we do bring in products from offshore to strengthen our offering.