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Axeze Releases Its Easy Password Creator

Axeze providers of  RFID, Bluetooth, facial and fingerprint recognition products supporting contact/less smartcard technologies offering reliability with a superior combination of strength, convenience and ease of use/installation are proud to announce the launch of their Easy Password Creator.

 According to the Oxford University Careful password naming/selection is important because “there are people out there who will attempt to find out, or crack, your password. Once they get your password, they can do awful things to any information stored in your account, on your computer/network or send embarrassing or offensive email in your name. Even worse, they may be able to do awful things to the accounts of other people on the system, or even break in to systems across the world from ours. So the argument, “I don’t need a good password, I don’t have anything in my account, anyway” doesn’t work.” 

System security is everyone’s responsibility.

 Passwords are part of our everyday life, and these days with identity theft, care with storing, recalling and making passwords is paramount.  Some of the reasons we need passwords include:

  • to prevent unauthorised access to important information
  • to guarantee security of personal information
  • to prevent unauthorsed access to user accounts, such as computer and email accounts
  • to be able to use various Internet services securely

Many places insist that you provide a password that proves you are who you say you are, Ebay, banks, computers, security systems and more. Should someone else steal your password, he or she can masquerade as you, which means the intruder would then have access to your files, your e-mail, your funds, your personal information, and more.

A stolen password gives others the power to:

  • Modify or destroy your files.
  • Send electronic mail threats in your name.
  • Subscribe to unwanted services for which you will have to pay.

Today people are storing their passwords on their systems in encrypted form. They run them through an encryption algorithm. To date there is not an algorithm that can take a password in encrypted form and give back the original password, therefore not even the System Administrators know your password, but passwords crackers are different.

Crackers do not find out your password just by asking, they use specially designed software to Crack or breach password security. These programs take strings of characters and encrypt them, compare the encrypted text against your password in encrypted form. If the two encrypted versions are the same, then the string of characters is your password. They try a combination of letters from your name, address, date of birth etc.  Then the look up a “dictionary” containing words from all languages, place names, people names, names of characters in books, jargon, slang, and acronyms and then try variations on those words. They try every combination you can imagine. For these reasons it is very important that you never use any password based simply on a word and for this reason we have introduced our Easy Password Creator.

Crackers are very fast, in most cases, simple passwords can be deciphered in a minute and often less and if a hacker were able to access even one user name and password, depending on the user, almost all information on the network would be vulnerable.  It is imperative that a strong policy is developed.

But how do you set up a good password methodology?

The Easy Password Creator is for all of us who need to constantly remember passwords, or have to constantly change them.  It is very difficult to think of, and then recall a later date, a 20 character number that is non sequential, or to change passwords every month with a totally new password.

Installed on different computers within an organization, no two passwords are ever the same.  The password can be up to 20 characters in length and a combination of characters, special characters and numbers.  This password can then be stored in an encrypted biometric protected computer file, if desired, using one of our computer login products with password encryption.

Life for Systems Administrators and It Managers is much easier, as Axeze provides enhanced computer and network security. Axeze are proud to announce that we have different products for different applications from personal use to highly complex and secure use for governments and large as well as small organizations.

Easy Password Creator, combined with our computer login product, offers an ideal solution to recalling or designing passwords and people can establish certain parameters so that the passwords do not even have to be remembered.  This could be as easy as “Com Bank 12 Feb 2010”, changed some time in March to “Com Bank 15 Mar 2010”, and these parameters known only to the users.