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SA innovator Axeze to market FaceID early next year


SA innovator Axeze will start marketing a new facial recognition system for controlled access to businesses and homes early next year in a bid to expand its offerings and become a bigger company.

FaceID is currently being integrated with Axeze’s time and attendance and rostering system to diversify its appeal.

Hospitals, aged care homes, schools and manufacturing sites are likely to find the technology useful, Axeze chief executive Shelley Elder said.

“The system uses world-leading technology and offers ideal hands-free security,” Ms Elder said.

Capable of storing digital profiles for up to 1500 unique faces, the device recreates a 3-dimensional image of an individual’s face and analyses the results through a face detection algorithm to match the face to its internal database within seconds.

A finalist in the 2008 Telstra South Australian Business Awards, Axeze will set up a distribution channel for the product range early next year.

It has bought the distribution rights for the basic FaceID system for the Australian and New Zealand markets from a Chinese manufacturer.

“For Axeze, it means offering more specialty products and giving our regular clients, especially in the hospitality sector, more options,” Ms Shelley said.

The Hindmarsh design and manufacturing firm launched the system at Melbourne’s Digital Lifestyle Show.

Axeze also makes high-tech identification systems, including fingerprint scanning, Bluetooth and radio frequency identification systems.