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Axeze offers flexible and scalable solutions – as you change and grow, Axeze has the flexibility to change with you.

Features include:

  • Manage systems from one or many locations
  • Manage employee’s access across all your locations
  • Easily assign or suspend access cards or fobs for employees
  • Temporarily elevate or reduce access privileges and times
  • Manage access for doors, elevators, car parks and vehicles
  • Assign high security dual user access or anti pass back policies
  • Receive and escalate alarms for access security violations
  • Use Event Logs to verify/report on all access events and violations
  • Manage and enforce site risk and; OH&S policies
  • Manage emergencies with site lockdowns and alert communications

Axeze offer integration with a host of complimentary hardware and software management solutions.

Control any access with the use of the Axeze Access Control System. The integrated system allows you to have full control and keep track of visitors, employees, information and clearances. Whether you want to manage your whole business or secure a particular data, the Axeze Access Control System can offer a unique solution to any need.

One System, One Touch, Manage Anything.



  • Single, dual or triple authentication options
  • Personnel monitoring and tagging
  • Airlock application
  • Status LEDs
  • No limitations with Axeze Studio on any aspect of the system
  • Host communications (RS232/RS485 multi drop Ethernet,  TCP/IP,  wired/wireless)
  • Individual extended hold open times
  • Enhanced anti-passback capabilities


  • 12v DC input power
  • Intelligent controllers (offline 1,000 users, 1000 events)
  • Normally open/Normally closed outputs
  • 16 Channel Digital I/O


  • Multiple report formats
  • Elevator/Lift control
  • Unlimited number of networks, controllers, access levels,  holidays, and users
  • Browser based GUI
  • Seamless integration with other applications
  • Unlimited buildings, floors, groups, personnel
  • Web-enabled
  • Utilizes the power of Microsoft SQL Server