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Axeze offer a range of readers that seamlessly integrate with Axeze Studio supporting and communicating with our intelligent controllers.
Axeze is able to operate with any Wiegand output reader and therefore offers total flexibility whether you are using 125KHz, Mifare 13.56MHz, our proprietary 134.2KHz Tags, Bluetooth or Biometrics or a combination of all.
Depending on the system you choose, Axeze access control products will only respond to read only tags thereby ensuring that duplicates tags can never be used. Axeze tag responses have a unique eight byte serial number and two byte block check character. This enables the controller to check the accuracy of each reading.

AR-L-BTSDE EM/ID Card Reader
AR-S-F007 Standalone Reader/Controlleraxeze_0218-solid-white-background-web Stand alone Biometric Reader for 120 fingerprints, built in relay.  Rain hood available.
AR-S-F007-EM Biometric Reader with built in relay  Rain hood available, Wiegand Output.
AR-L-RKR10E EM/ID Card Reader


Combo Reader, 125KHz & 13.56MHz
AR-S-R1-EM Slave


Slave Card Reader  EM format 125 KHz Wiegand Output
AR-S-R2 H+EM Slave


Slave Card Reader  HID & EM formats 125KHz Wiegand Output
AR-S-R3-EM Slave Waterproof Metal Shell Vandal Resistant Reader 125KHz Wiegand Output
AR-S-R4H W/Proof HID Slave Metal Shell Waterproof Reader  IP68 125KHz Wiegand Output
AR-S-W1A/W3-M Waterproof, Keypad Reader IP68 rating Strong Zinc Alloy Electroplated anti-vandal case 2,000 users. 125KHz  Wiegand Output Keypad
AR-S-W2A Waterproof HID Standalone Reader/Controller Waterproof access controller with Dual relay output 125KHz, Wiegand Output
A-PR-EM Axeze USB Reader – EM Format
A-PR-M Axeze USB Reader – Mifare
A-PR-M-1.5 Axeze USB Reader – Mifare w lead
WPA Axeze Waterproof Reader/Antenna
AAA Axeze Antenna/Reader