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What You Own and What You Carry

Enhanced security measures and solutions are necessary for governments and businesses across the board. Since biometric solutions are considered one of the most advanced methods of security, they are becoming the solution of choice for many financial, retail and government operations.
Biometric authentication is becoming an important alternative to traditional authentication methods such as keys (“something one has”, i.e., by possession) or PIN numbers (“something one knows”, i.e., by knowledge) because it is essentially “who one is”, i.e., by biometric information. Therefore, it is not susceptible to misplacement, forgetfulness or reproduction.
Axeze’s access control software (Axeze Studio™) and our Intelligent Controllers interface with most biometric solutions. Our systems are designed to meet today’s needs for protecting your critical infrastructure and streamlining business operations, while providing inherent flexibility to accommodate tomorrow’s challenges as well.
Axeze’s biometric solutions offer a robust authentication system that utilizes “Multi-Biometrics” technology to deliver fast and convenient identification. This award-winning innovation offers secure physical and logical access control to customers in healthcare, financial services, government, retail, education and other industries with a highly reliable biometric authentication solution that is non-intrusive and easy to use.
Our solutions utilize the “Multi-Biometrics” approach to overcome limitations of a single technology. With some of our newer products,  you can combine Biometric Technology such as Fingerprints, Facial and RFID identification/verification with our Axeze™ Studio software.
Axeze solutions provide enterprises with a superior security alternative and users will enjoy the fast, simple, and non-intrusive access.  It is the ideal solution for secure areas, schools, daycare centers and medical facilities, etc.



  • Convenient and Easy to Use
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Fast matching speed
  • Multi-authentication
  • Versatile Interfaces (WiFi, TCP/IP, RS485, Wiegand, relay)
  • Reliable performance under different environments
  • Robust access control S/W (Axeze Studio™) + Intelligent controllers
  • Scalable
  • Cost-effective
  • RF cards options (EM, Mifare)

Some Uses

  • Identity management
  • Border control
  • Computer control
  • Banking, financial and retail
  • Voter registration and verification
  • Driver licence
  • AFIS applications
  • Time and attendance
  • Customer loyalty card