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Configurable RFID USB Reader: KEP-USB-M2

  • Are you sick of readers and cards unexpectedly failing?
  • Do you want to tighten stock control?
  • Do you want to be certain that the staff are using correct pin numbers, not changing their authorisation level?
  • Do you want to increase the speed in which you handle sales?
  • Are you tired of card deterioration and replacement?

If you said yes to any of these questions then you need Axeze!

Axeze has developed a powerful Proximity Reader that is used in conjunction with a tag. Tags are available in a variety of formats like wristband tags, cards, watches and keyring tags. Employees wear the tag and are recognised when they come within the read range of the Proximity Reader. Clients have advised us that these can pay for themselves in a matter of days. The Reader picks up the highly secure code that is embedded in the tag and sends it to host software to handle as it sees fit.

The advantages of the Proximity Reader are:

  • Long life – No moving parts
  • No demagnetisation of cards
  • Faster more accurate processing of sales
  • Tighten stock control
  • No pin numbers
  • Trillions of different codes embedded in highly secure tags
  • Fast user ID
  • Tags are fully recyclable
  • Non contact


  • No keys
  • No swiping cards
  • No passwords
  • No frustration fixing mistyped passwords.
  • Ensures all sales tracked
  • Less stress – faster processing
  • Hands free
  • Fast


  • Tighten stock control
  • Faster processing of sales
  • Greater staff responsibility
  • Happy customers – speed of sales
  • Accurate processing of sales
  • Long life – no moving parts
  • Greater security – no broken or non-operating cards


Here are what Users and Distributors say about the Axeze systems.

We have remarkable success with the Axeze Products….quickest way for a staff member to log on and it is non touch. The wristbands are waterproof and extremely resilient, giving them an exceptionally long lifespan…..reducing the potential for staff to perform unauthorised functions


I feel the product sets a precedent in the industry – Steve Langdon, Insight, Australia


Excellent innovation that has paid for itself in weeks – Craig Matessen


World leading solution – Stephen Dippy, Reculver Technologies


Brilliant concept that works very well, our clients are extremely happy – Mark McAllister Gap Solutions


It helps determine the performance of staff and makes staff more accountable – Tom Sargent, Arkaba Hotel