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In 2008 two industries were formed:

  • ONVIF – Open Network Video Interface Forum
  • PSIA – Physical Security Interoperability Alliance

To address the issues of standardization of IP video surveillance.

PSIA was founded by 20 member companies, such as Honeywell, G E Security and Cisco. As ONVIF was founded by Axis Communications, Bosch and Sony. As both groups have numerous members in which Axeze Studio operates solely with ONVIF.

IP Cameras are a digital video camera which is linked to a network, they transmit data over a FAST Ethernet link. They are also known as ‘network cameras’ and are the primary camera used in IP surveillance and have a more digitalized network version of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) which are now lined to access control systems such as Axeze.

The many benefits of using an IP Camera over an analog technology include:

  • Remote administration and log in from any location
  • Digitally able to zoom the camera
  • Ability to send images and video from the camera to any device with an internet connection
  • Progressive scanning of images, which is the ability of a higher quality image which can be extracted from a moving target
  • Adjustable frame rates and resolution to meet specific needs
  • Computer to camera two way communication Automatic alters and notifications whenever suspicious activity is detected
  • Considerable lower need of cable requirements
  • Support for Intelligent Video support

Axeze provide a VPN to assist with the challenges of IP Camera storage, as a disadvantage of IP surveillance is mainly the greater complexity and bandwidth demands. The clear alternative for organizations with a substation investment in analog technology would be to use a video server, which will turn analog CCTV cameras to IP cameras. The video server acts as a ‘standalone’ small server that converts analog signals from the cameras to a digital format so any analog camera then has an IP address. This is an analog to digital configuration used with our VPN. As it is more efficient and sophisticated technology with its IT capabilities in being 100% digital, IP surveillance is quickly replacing the out dated analog CCTV.