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Axeze studio is a suite of products combined into a single solution. Axeze Studio enables you to combine RFID 125 KHz, 134.2 KHz, Mifare and biometrics into one solution seamlessly controlled through Axeze Studio. Databases can be installed on separate computers, or managed remotely through our VPN.

Axeze Studio is a powerful program that has so much ability and is so configurable with almost unlimited functionality specifically in regards to:

  • Number of users,
  • Number of networks
  • Number of controllers
  • Number of credentials
  • Number of personnel


  • Security: SQL Server – two security models including integration with Windows Authentication to provide robust security platform for managing organization information. Security can be managed across all database objects including tables, views, stored procedures and at a very granular level, to provide complete information security. Database encryption is available.
  • Scalability: highly scalable enterprise database platform capable of managing petabytes of data while delivery high performance. This allows organizations to deploy SQL Server databases
  • High Availability/Failover: SQL Server provides a variety of high availability features including fail over clustering available on the Standard and Enterprise editions, database mirroring, log shipping, and database snapshots to meet your needs.
  • Business Intelligence: SQL Server Standard and Enterprise Editions come with extensive business intelligence capabilities through SQL Server Analysis Services. Analytical models can be developed.
  • Comes with integrated reporting capabilities from SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Integration: SQL Server provides a robust set of integration tools called SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) which can be used consolidate data from multiple heterogeneous data sources for holistic data view and comprehensive data analysis. SSIS can also be used to migrate data from other database formats (Oracle, DBase, Paradox, legacy formats, Microsoft Access) to SQL Server.
  • Web-based access control enables Security and Facility Managers to interact with and manage employee and visitor access privileges quickly and easily from any location without being tied to a dedicated client workstation.
  • 100 percent browser-based Web application means our customers have the flexibility to securely manage access privileges from a broad range of devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop), from any location (home, office, road) and via any standard Web browser (Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer).
  • Web-based access equals freedom: Administrators have freedom to access a Web application at home via a secure virtual private network connection.

Some Features:

  • Easy integration with Microsoft Operating systems
  • Extensive reporting formats
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to create maintenance plans.
  • Integrated Security (windows authentication) helps streamline server access based on Active directory policies and groups.
  • Mixed Authentication: option to use windows authentication allowing other applications to authenticate based on username and password.
  • Disaster recovery: SQL Server is very easy to restore after a disaster (proper backup and recovery strategy needs to be implemented). All you need is File system restore followed by system state and then restore databases from backup.
  • Visualization
  • Administering and Monitoring: SQL Server 2008 R2 has made the life of a DBA a lot easier.
  • Backup Compression: helps when upgrading to new versions and speeds a lot of the backup operations.
  • Data Encryption: SQL Server 2008 provides a lot of encryption options to encrypt data and code. Transparent Data Encryption has really safe guarded some of the crucial data movement operations in Axeze Studio.
  • Developed using Microsoft Dot Net – one of the most sophisticated and reliable software development technologies. Dot Net offers robust security measurements and various system management tools, the framework offers the most reliable and accurate web applications that are frequently monitored by the web server.