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Access Control and Point of Sale Solutions

Axeze has a range of Access Control and Point of Sale products to suit residential and business needs.

Whether you are an individual or family wanting security solutions for your home, you are in the hospitality industry and want an easier way to manage staff and sales or a corporate business wanting access solutions, then Axeze has a product for you.

Hospitality Point of Sale and Access Control

Speed up the sales process by allowing staff to logon automatically. Hospitality staff often have their hands full and cannot use normal access control cards or fobs to logon. Ask about our wrist band proximity readers, which are great for managing hygiene too.

  • Fast and easy non contact, proximity reading.
  • Tighter stock control.
  • Staff use correct pin numbers, not changing their authorisation levels.
  • Increase the speed of sales.
    • Return on Investment - sometimes as littls as 2 days, generally 8 weeks.

Corporate Access Control

Intelligent Access Control with

  • Built in Security.
  • Faster Processing.
  • Mulitple access permissions.
  • Integrates with Building Automation Systems.
  • Time and Attendance Logs.

Residential Keyless Entry

One tag or fob for entry into many sites including your home, garage, office, holiday home and more

  • No more lost keys
  • No more re-keying costs
  • Add and remove cards with ease
  • No more searching for keys or the right key or keyhole
  • Hands free entry
  • No more carrying bunches of keys
    • Property owners and managers are often called out to let tenants into properties at inconvenient times.  Now they can click on their Axeze Studio, select the appropriate buuilding/door/floor and enable access from their home.  Imagine the convenience of not having to leave home/party/function, and the cost saving to the Property Manager/Owner.  Time and Money....................mmmm now that appeals.

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