Axeze products have been installed around the world.  Here are some comments from our valuable clients.

  • We have had Axeze KEP for a long long time, probably 4 years. We had once removed them and got them back as they are simply great. This has never ever let us down, it’s so trusted never ever have to think about it...
    Mari–Anne Sylvester, Senior Supervisor, Regattas, Adelaide Convention Center, South Australia.


  • Cooinda Benalla Elderly Peoples Home Inc installed the Axeze Keyless Entry System to the electric sliding doors into the dementia wing in 2003. The system replaced a keypad arrangement. The keyless entry system has been in operation for over two months and has proved most reliable and enhanced the security of the wing. Staff are delighted with the easy of activating the door with the tags and the time saved by not having to key in 5 numbers. We are very pleased with the system.
    Bill Gent, Manager, Cooinda Benalla Elderly Peoples Home, Benalla, VIC, Australia.


  • “I write this letter to pass on my appreciation to your company for a product that has surpassed anything I had anticipated.  Being confined to a wheelchair after becoming a paraplegic some years ago, access has always been one of the greatest problems I constantly encounter with daily living.  And having to fight with door keys and trying to open and access my house with anything else but me has been always been a constant problem. E-mailing your company after viewing Bright Ideas on TV that did a segment on you products, I couldn’t have had better service from anywhere else.  A prompt reply e-mail and phone call supplied further information along with posted information.  Ordered a unit by phone and was further impressed by the help and assistance of your staff, the product was delivered to my home via a staff member personally after it was known I couldn’t personally make it to Axeze premises. Once again I write to thankyou for a product that has made my life so much easier and also importantly to me a product that was reasonable in price being a pensioner, I can personally attest that the Axeze Keyless Door Entry System is not only dollar for dollar value but it represents and delivers quality and reliability.  If all houses were fitted with one life would be a breeze with access hassle free.” 
    Heather Turnbridge, Gilles Plains, South Australia.


  • You get excellent pricing guaranteed to help you win deals. “It’s affordable, easy to program and install”.
    Adam Prince, IS Design, Victoria, Australia.


  • “We have an access control company in our building.  Asked if we could borrow their technician on times and materials basis to install your product.  The technician was given the diagrams, and colours.  He had to install external antenna.  He took a little while but he had everything working and on line.  Really it was no time.  He had everything working and very happy. The guy had no training whatsoever and successfully installed the system.  We are delighted.  New people have been added, down loaded to Controllers and they could not gain access.  Best of all is the size of your product, it is small and takes up little warehousing space, it’s a real gem” Andre Nieuwstadt, South Africa.


  • Axeze Keyless Entry read range allows our clients to leave their access card in their pocket or purse and just walk into their home, no more fumbling for a dongle or key in the bottom of a handbag as the reader can pick up the card through your pocket or purse. In addition to its outstanding read range, the Axeze Keyless Entry System looks the best. As the reader can be completely concealed into the wall next to the front door you don’t loose the natural appeal of your home or business. You can choose to have the antenna completely concealed inside the wall or front door or flush mounted in your wall or sand stone next to the door. It’s one thing to have a product that performs well and is loved by our clients but for the team at Suite Home Systems it’s just as important that the system is quick and easy to install and backed by quality service. We, along with our customers, have been impressed with the personal service we receive from Axeze, they are prompt with answering our installation questions and issues and are active listeners. They have even included some of our suggestions into their designs. What more could you want?”
    Jason Brown, Suite Automated Home Systems, South Australia.


  • “Congratulations on a great product. I installed seven of your Keyless Entry Units for my employer over seven years ago now and have not had one failure.  These units are installed in outback South Australia where ambient temperatures reach 50 degrees C. Two of them are installed outdoors and are subject to some very harsh treatment. High temperatures, dust storms & driving rain have had no detrimental effect on these units at all!   My employer has decided to order more for our maintenance & production facilities”.
    Mark Hutchison, Moomba, South Australia.


  • You get quality, a product that “performs faultlessly year after year, and one that is Australian owned, designed and manufactured.”
    Pippette Company, global supplier based at Thebarton, South Australia


  • “I have not yet decided whether I am happier with Axeze or the products they provide.  Their level of services has been exceptional and I feel the quality of product sets a precedent in the industry.  I am more than pleased to endorse their company and look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with them.”  Steve Langdon, Director, Insight, Queensland.


  • Adam Smith, former Product Development Manager at Direct Alarm Supplies (DAS), commented “Axeze KES/KEN has the best read range in the world”, (for this market) and the reader “is the best designed reader” of any he has personally seen during his twenty plus years in the field.  Adam said  “the product is outstanding in design and performance.  Whilst installers like Jason Brown of Suite Lifestyle Technologies in Adelaide stated “the product is easier to install, use and program, is totally reliable, is the best product he has worked with and is outstanding for an Australian product.”