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Protecting - Your Identity, Property and Data


Access what you need, when you need it. Without lifting a Finger.

Axeze’s Keyless Entry Systems offer a unique solution to your home, office and shop. No more need to look for your keys, or worry about getting locked picked. Axeze offers a wide range of products to suit all kinds of needs from small homes to large high-rise buildings.



This week we have been advised that some of the products we use in manufacturing have matured and will no longer be available. Unfortunately our supplier neglected to advise us about something so important.
Axeze high quality, durable and reliable rugged mobile computer offers so many advantages for the organisation, not only in the life of the product but also great return on investment and provides a lower cost of ownership with their long life and rugged design.
South Australian Company Axeze launches its new KEP Reader. Technology is always changing, the faster we learn the faster the technology seems to be changing.
The software enables computer users to identify a tag number which can be used in the manner the end user desires.
With the introduction of this product Axeze can be managed from anywhere in the world using your Tablet, phone or laptop, with loads of built in security functions.